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bonobogirls's Journal

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Are you tired of the ways women internalize sexism and perpetuate the cycle upon themselves and one another? Do you feel this is an aspect of feminism that needs to be examined more closely? Then this is the community for you.

There is no sexual oppression amongst Bonobos the way there is with humans and chimps. Theirs is an egalitarian society, more than likely as a result of their bonds. On the rare occasion that a male Bonobo does harrass a female, the other females will band together and either chase him away or kick his ass.

We are a community of women dedicated to undoing the hatred and competition females feel towards one another as a result of oppression. We respect the boundaries of others and feel that love and affection for fellow females can be demonstrated in whatever ways are appropriate for the individuals, whether they be sexual or platonic. One of the goals of this journal will be to discuss situations wherein women are oppressing one another and what we feel should be done about it. We will also explore ways we can bond with one another, and show acceptance and solidarity to women outside of our regular familial and social circles.