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Chimps Make Weapons to Hunt, Scientists Say
By Maggie Fox
WASHINGTON (Feb. 22) - Chimpanzees have been seen using spears to hunt bush babies, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a study that demonstrates a whole new level of tool use and planning by our closest living relatives.

Tia, an adolescent female chimpanzee, is shown in Senegal. Tia is among a group of primates researchers say frequently uses spears to hunt.
AP / Iowa State University
Tia, an adolescent female chimpanzee, is shown in Senegal. Tia is among a group of primates researchers say frequently uses spears to hunt.

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Perhaps even more intriguing, it was only the females who fashioned and used the wooden spears, Jill Pruetz and Paco Bertolani of Iowa State University reported.

Bertolani saw an adolescent female chimp use a spear to stab a bush baby as it slept in a tree hollow, pull it out and eat it.

Pruetz and Bertolani, now at Cambridge University in Britain, had been watching the Fongoli community of savanna-dwelling chimpanzees in southeastern Senegal.

The chimps apparently had to invent new ways to gather food because they live in an unusual area for their species, the researchers report in the journal Current Biology.

"This is just an innovative way of having to make up for a pretty harsh environment," Pruetz said in a telephone interview. The chimps must come down from trees to gather food and rest in dry caves during the hot season.

    "It is similar to what we say about early hominids that lived maybe 6 million years ago and were basically the precursors to humans."

    Chimpanzees are genetically the closest living relatives to human beings, sharing more than 98 percent of our DNA. Scientists believe the precursors to chimps and humans split off from a common ancestor about 7 million years ago.

    Chimps are known to use tools to crack open nuts and fish for termites. Some birds use tools, as do other animals such as gorillas, orangutans and even naked mole rats.

    But the sophisticated use of a tool to hunt with had never been seen.

    Pruetz thought it was a fluke when Bertolani saw the adolescent female hunt and kill the bush baby, a tiny nocturnal primate.

    But then she saw almost the same thing. "I saw the behavior over the course of 19 days almost daily," she said.


    The chimps choose a branch, strip it of leaves and twigs, trim it down to a stable size and then chew the ends to a point. Then they use it to stab into holes where bush babies might be sleeping.

    It is not a highly successful method of hunting. They only ever saw one chimpanzee succeed in getting a bush baby once. The apes mostly eat fruit, bark and legumes.

    Part of the problem is this group of chimps is shy of humans, and the females, who seem to do most of this type of hunting, are especially wary. "I am willing to bet the females do it even more than we have seen," she said.

    Pruetz noted that male chimps never used the spears. She believes the males use their greater strength and size to grab food and kill prey more easily, so the females must come up with other methods.

    "That to me was just as intriguing if not even more so," Pruetz said.

    The spear-hunting occurred when the group was foraging together, again unchimplike behavior that might produce more competition between males and females, she said.

    Maybe females invented weapons for hunting, Pruetz said.

    "The observation that individuals hunting with tools include females and immature chimpanzees suggests that we should rethink traditional explanations for the evolution of such behavior in our own lineage," she concluded in her paper.

    "The multiple steps taken by Fongoli chimpanzees in making tools to dispatch mammalian prey involve the kind of foresight and intellectual complexity that most likely typified early human relatives."

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Apparently, it's not just bonobos who do this. :)

Female Chimps Fight Back
By LiveScience Staff

posted: 28 November 2006
08:24 pm ET

Female chimpanzees in the wild form coalitions to retaliate against aggressive males, a new study reveals.

Nicholas Newton-Fisher of the University of Kent studied a community of eight adult male and 21 adult female East African chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest, Uganda. The females were subject to frequent aggression by adult males, at times the action was severe. Later, Newton-Fisher observed females retaliating in direct response to this aggression.

In almost half of his observed retaliations, the females formed coalitions of two to six members and retaliated with vocalizations, threatening gestures and direct pursuit.

Females also physically attacking males that were aggressive to other females, and on several occasions were seen to solicit the support they then received.

It is the first report of female cooperative retaliation to such aggression in the wild, according to a statement from the university.

"This strategy may reduce the incidence, severity or effectiveness of male aggression," Newton-Fisher said. "Why they do this is still unclear."

The females in the group studied tend to be more gregarious than in other populations of East African chimpanzees, he noted.

"Also, the absence of similar reports from wild populations suggests that females may be able to form coalitions only under appropriate conditions—such as ecology, demography or local tradition," he said. "If groups of females are able to spend time together because of the way food is distributed in the habitat, then they are 'on-hand' to provide support and form coalitions. Whether they do this simply because they are present when another female is threatened by a male, or because they have previously formed a supportive relationship, are questions for future research."

The findings, announced today, were published in the International Journal of Primatology.


Ganked from Feminist_yay

Weenie wagging. Whipping out a penis in public at women where no one can see. It is not about nudity. It is not about sex. It is about intimidation, it is about control over women, it is about power. But who is really vulnerable?



Weenie Waggers. Guys who get off on indecent exposure. As a young girl, I had many an unwanted dick thrust upon my naked eyes, and I was scared. These men chose spots that were isolated, they waited until there was no one else around, they were intimidating and scary, it was verging on rape and you could not tell if you were ABOUT to be raped if you did not get out of there fast. It definitely is more than nudity. I am fine with nakedness and nudity. This is something else. And it is not sexual either. I seriously doubt these men EVER get a reaction of "ooh, neat, can we have sex?" from the women these men assault. This is a power move by men on women. Plain and simple. And it is the kind of power move that reinforces a Patriarchy. So it must come down NOW!

The first assault of this manner that I remember was when I was in junior high, walking home from school. A boy would not stop following me, then walked right next to me, then whipped out his penis and I was terrified, I said NOTHING, and quickly walked, with him next to me, right into the neighborhood store and went straight to the store manager for help. The boy waited outside in the phone booth for me. The manager went out and talked to the boy and he left. I was fearful of that route to walk home, and random penis', from then on.

As I entered my late teens and early twenties, I would have this weenie wagging occur regularly near me. One time it was on the back of a Metro bus in Seattle. Another time I was walking through a Seattle park and it happened. I even went to thrift stores and it happened! Men are just waving their dicks out where only one young woman can see it all over the place! I asked a male friend if men talk about this phenomenon, because women sure do. My male friend said, "No, men do not sit around and say, "So I whipped it out on First Avenue yesterday" to one another." And I think it is interesting that these men whip their dicks out in public, yet do not want anyone to know.

This whole thing turned radically for me once at the Vancouver Music Festival. Some women friends and I were bathing topless in water...and these men began to oggle us from the banks, sexually. We all decided to SCARE the men. So we RAN AT THE MEN, TOPLESS, SHRIEKING LIKE BLACK PANTHERS, LOOKING CRAZY AS CAN BE! The men ran in fear, I am not kidding! It was incredibly empowering and I started thinking. You know, these weenie waggers are adament on hiding and doing this where only the woman sees. So THAT must be the point of weakness in all this. So I decided to start punching holes in the anonyminity of weenie wagers.

The first one I remember vividly was a thrift store assault. I was in line with my Motown band and we were buying costumes. I paid first and was standing at the register as my friends were rung out. All of a sudden, one of the dressing room curtains opened and a man looked at me. Next thing he opened the curtain a titch, just at penis level, and showed me his dick. Well, I screamed laughing LOUDLY, "Hey look at that guy in the dressing room jacking off!" The curtain closed quickly. I said "the room with the plaid coat on the floor!" And all of a sudden he grabbed the coat off the floor! We all had a good laugh. Then about 5 minutes later, he opens the dressing room curtain and says loudly, "I was not!" And everyone burst into laughter again. VICTORY! I left feeling empowered instead of assaulted.

In another thrift store in downtown Seattle, I opened a dressing room door for a second to use it. In that brief second it took me to open the door, I saw someone was in there and shut it, yet I could swear a guy turned toward me and jacked off. I went to my friend and said, "This sounds nuts, but I could swear when I just opened that dressing room door, a guy turned to me jacking off." She said, "Kirsten, you would not IMAGINE that. Tell the woman clerk." I did and the woman clerk FLEW INTO ACTION. She was an inspiration. She knocked on the dressing room door loudly yelling "I TOLD YOU YOU CANNOT DO THAT IN HERE ANYMORE!!" and she grabbed him by his collar and literally threw him onto the curb. She was a big woman and I could only be impressed. But she also reinforced in me that it is the FEAR that gives the men the power in this. And the minute you are not afraid, but rather ANNOUNCE this behavior, these guys are WAY vulnerable! The power shifts within SECONDS and HARD!

Another one I remember vividly was when I was walking to the co-op through Ravenna Park in Seattle. I started hearing rustling of leaves near me, purposefully trying to get my attention. I looked up the hill near me, and there was a guy, completely naked except tennis shoes, leaning on a tree, jacking off towards me, grinning. Unafraid anymore, my first comment was, "Hmm, you should go do that for your mother." Then I said, "You know, I know a bunch of large dykes and we want to help guys like you get all the publicity you can. So if you can just wait here for oh, 10 minutes, I will come back with some large dyke friends and we will tie you up on the main Ave with a sign around your neck that says "I was jacking off at women and they tied me up here for all to see." So please, wait right here, I will be right back!" And I went to the co-op. When I returned, he was gone.

I know of a man in Seattle who has had several indecent exposure charges. I believe he told me in 1995 that he has been charged three times for this. He told me the first ticket was because he was a few feet over the legal line at a nude beach. He then said his second ticket on this was because a bunch of teen girls in a school bus pulled next to his car, one teen flashed him, lifting her top he says, and so, of course, logically, he whipped out his dick in his car and waved it at the girls. He explains this as if this would be ANYONE'S normal reaction. Well, the bus of girls called the police and they arrived at his door to charge him for that. Hopefully, the girls learned a lesson...whether one did flash him or not! But somehow, I do not think HE got the lesson. Just the way he explains it as if he was a victim, says it all!

Another incident I remember was once I was walking on the path by the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz and I could see this guy, from my higher vantage point, trying to position himself to weenie wag for two women who were quickly approaching the spot where he was. So, since I am gifted with a voice that can project like a half-mile haler, I just screamed at the top of my lungs right before the women were to stumble on his dick, "Hey everyone, look at that guy wagging his dick out trying to scare women in front of the car dealership down there..." He grabbed his erect dick and tried to jam it in his pants as EVERYONE on the trail looked at him. He ran into the car lot, still trying to jam his huge dick into his pants while everyone watched him trying to retreat. I was the announcer, I was yelling, "There he goes into the car lot...oh no, he is approaching people trying to buy a car and he STILL does not have his pants on properly yet..." Everyone was roaring with laughter. This is the way these things should end, not with women afraid and intimidated and feeling assaulted against their will!

Many men have been angered when I took all the fun of fear and intimidation out of their afternoon by outting them loudly. For some reason, women have been silent in this realm too often out of fear. Look, WE are not the ones vulnerable when men are NAKED IN PUBLIC JACKING OFF, THEY ARE! First off, they are naked or have their genitals exposed, so that is an easy target to begin with. Next, they are doing something they do not want anyone to know they are doing! Usually these things happen where people are within HEARING distance, if not visual distance. I have found if you are LOUD and IMMEDIATELY SAY AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AS LOUDLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, "HEY LOOK AT THAT GUY JACKING OFF TRYING TO SCARE WOMEN" that the dynamic of power IMMEDIATELY shifts from the man having the power, to the woman. Instantaneousy. As soon as the men find out you are not going to silently play a victim and take that home as baggage yourself, but instead are going to turn that muther on its side and make HIM the vulnerable one AND NOW, these men usually start to RUN away, and I am NOT kidding! TRY IT! I encourage all women to turn this stupid power play on its head each and every time you encounter it. I have not had a one weenie wagging where I have not turned it into trauma for the weenie wagger since that day at the Vancouver Folk Festival back in oh, 1979? I am not saying you should endanger yourself by doing this where no one is around. The only way to make this work is if people are around and could see it if attention is brought to it. Usually, since they are in a public place, waiting to catch women walking by in public, there are others nearby. The men count on our fear to keep silent. So if people are near, just ANNOUNCING IT LOUDLY usually ends it quickly. And you will end up leaving feeling empowered, instead of assaulted. It is truly a great feeling to not fear weenie waggers anymore. And to actually look forward to our encounters now as I ALWAYS win!


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Daytona Prostitutes Hunting Serial Killer
Woman: 'We Will Get Him First'

POSTED: 10:45 pm EST March 13, 2006
UPDATED: 2:27 pm EST March 14, 2006

Women involved in prostitution in Daytona Beach, Fla., have reportedly armed themselves and are searching for a serial killer behind the slayings of three residents, according to a Local 6 News report.

IMAGES: Victim Photos
IMAGES: Prostitutes Hunt Serial Killer

"Rather than run from the man police labeled a serial killer, streetwalkers here in Daytona Beach along Ridgewood Avenue say they are seeking the serial killer out," Local 6 reported Tarik Minor said. "They believe the man responsible for murdering three women here is someone they have come in contact with."

"We will get him first," streetwalker Tonya Richardson said. "Yeah, we are going to get him first. When we find him, he is going to be sorry. It is as simple as that."

Richardson said she and other women are carrying weapons on the streets after Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green and Iwana Patton were found dead in the city.

"I carry a switch blade with me now," Richardson said. "Everyone else does now too."

"We will get him first," streetwalker Tonya Richardson said. "Yeah, we are going to get him first. When we find him, he is going to be sorry. It is as simple as that."

The women are apparently teaming up and promising their own kind of justice, the Local 6 News report said.

Last week, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement criminal profiler said a serial killer committed the three unsolved murders.

Special Agent Tom Davis said he believes the suspect is a male who targeted the three victims because of other stressors in his life, according to a police statement.

No evidence so far indicates any of the women was taken against her will, according to the report.

In recent days, local ministers have also hit Daytona streets warning prostitutes about the killer, Local 6 News reported.

"We are asking them to buddy up," Street ministry spokeswoman Denise Horsman said. "To stay in lighted areas and get off the street if they can. If they can't, to do anything they can."

Police in Daytona Beach are being assisted in the investigation by the same criminal profiler who helped detectives track a killer in the case of Lillian Martin and Josh Bryant in 2001.

"The average Joe, when they see somebody on the street, a prostitute or homeless person, they turn their head and look away," Horsman said.

Officers have been cracking down on prostitution in the area. Ten people were arrested over the weekend in a prostitution sting.

Anyone with information concerning this crime is urged to call Crimeline at (800) 423-TIPS.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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Women Tackle, Pin Carjacking Suspect

POSTED: 11:14 pm EST March 14, 2006
UPDATED: 12:55 pm EST March 15, 2006

Two women in Orange County, Fla., fought off a suspected carjacker by tackling and then pinning the man to the ground on his stomach until deputies arrived, according to a Local 6 News report.

Investigators said Shannon Corley drove her car into the River Oaks Bend apartments located at 2284 River Park Circle in Orlando Tuesday night and noticed a young man watching her in the parking lot.

As Corley exited her car, the man, who police identified in a report as Morgan Piggee, 21, allegedly ran at her and attempted to grab her car keys.

Veneil Kleiber, who did not know Corley, heard her screams for help and rushed over to help.

Both women then attacked and knocked Piggee to the ground, police said.

"She (then) fights back and screams," Local 6 reporter Erik von Ancken said. "Another woman comes over and they both tackle this guy, we are talking arm locks, and get this guy down on the ground."

Corley and Kleiber held the man on the ground until a sheriff's deputy could arrive, according to the report.

Orange County Sheriff's Cpl. Dallas Christopher said the women's actions were impressive.

"They had one arm behind him and he was on his belly and they were on his back and he wasn't able to get away from them," Christopher said. "I think they were proud on one hand and they were nervous and the adrenaline was hitting them afterwards. Their biggest concern was getting hurt. They did a great job."

Piggee was transported to Orange County Jail where he faces carjacking, battery and criminal mischief charges.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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Another mention of internalization:

Dec. 19, 2005, 12:05PM
Study plumbs depths of gender stereotypes
Perceptions of women's abilities hold them back

The Record

HACKENSACK, N.J. - It'd be nice to think gender isn't a factor in career success.

Nice, but foolish.

Truth is, examples of blatant gender stereotyping aren't too hard to find. Some are downright notorious.

Just this year, Harvard University President Lawrence Summers said that women may not have as much inherent aptitude in math and science as men. And more recently, prominent advertising executive Neil French resigned from his job after creating a clamor when he said women don't "deserve" to hold power positions in the industry because they "wimp out" to have children.

But what's a work force to do when such gender stereotyping comes not only from men but also from women themselves?

Women's research and advocacy organization Catalyst recently revealed the problem in a study of nearly 300 male and female corporate executives. The organization also made suggestions about what can be done to begin changing such ingrained stereotypes.

The study found that men and women executives both generally consider the guys to be better at so-called take-charge behaviors such as decision-making and delegating responsibility.

Also, executives of both genders generally consider women better at "take-care" behaviors such as being supportive and rewarding others.

"Most men see men as problem-solvers, and a lot of women also perceive men as problem-solvers," said Jeanine Prime, author of the study and director of research at Catalyst. "It can be a barrier to advancement."

And since problem-solving is the skill that is widely considered the most important for a leader to possess, Prime said, the finding doesn't bode well for women working their way up the corporate ladder.

"Adding insult to injury," Prime said, "these perceptions mean women may have the least interpersonal power with people who report to them."

Few women at the top
Catalyst contends that statistics on women in the workplace illustrate, at least in part, the ill effects of such stereotyping.

Even though women now hold just a smidgen more than half of all management and professional positions in the U.S. work force, for example, they make up less than 2 percent of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 CEOs, and less than 8 percent of Fortune 500 top earners.

"Ultimately, it's the companies that suffer. Developing and retaining the best talent is key to remaining competitive in the global business world," Ilene Lang, president of Catalyst, said in a prepared statement. "Until we break the spell of stereotyping, companies will continue to sub-optimize women and lose a vital talent pool."

Catalyst is planning further studies aimed at helping companies unmask and minimize gender biases.

Building in safeguards
Meantime, Catalyst suggests that companies change performance evaluation processes to include safeguards against stereotyping and implement other programs that challenge perceptions about gender differences.

"Most well-intentioned people are still subject to unconscious bias," Prime said.

"That's why it's not enough to just hire more women into management positions. To bring about lasting change, you have to look at the sources of bias and add a layer of rigor into performance evaluations that make people address it."

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For the sake of opening a dialogue, does the need for feminism still exist? In an age where "postfeminism" is supposed to reign supreme, what does feminism need right now?

"Frat boys in pushup bras?"

What do you think of women who seem to want to sexually objectify other women or themselves in ways similar to what men have done all along?

Take Cake, for example, a NYC-based all female, "feminist" strip club, where women are welcome to make out with the strippers while their male partners can watch.

How is this feminist? What makes this progressive? These aren't necessarily rhetorical questions; I'm genuinely curious.

Yes, women should be free to express themselves sexually, and far be it from me to discourage bisexual women from getting all the sexual pleasure they want. We are entitled to find sexual satisfaction wherever we find it, provided we don't harm anyone else.

It just seems as if, as a writer in Bust recently stated, they're saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

I don't think we're far enough removed from the times we were seen as property to be objectifying ourselves and defending it as "It's my body and I can do anything I want with it! I want to be sexy, damnit, so let me go make out with my best friend, even though 15 years ago, we would be saying, 'Ewww, lezzies!' There are a lot of hot guys at this bar, and I want their attention!"

How are we supposed to be respected for our sexuality and not be seen as objects if we're doing this at such a crucial point? Again, I'm not talking about a woman who wants to wear a miniskirt, go out to dinner with her girlfriend and kiss her and hold her hand and have every right to be able to do this and not be harassed. I'm talking about certain degrading, attention-seeking behaviors that revolve around male approval but are defended as "feminism".

Also, while I respect sex workers for making their own choices and some are quite progressive feminists whom I respect, I do think that there are a lot of people who go into that field that do have a ton of internalized sexism and issues and are acting on it. There is porn out there that degrades women and sends the message that this is acceptable. It's my point of view that a woman who is in a Max Hardcore video, dressed as a little girl and allowing him to hit her and urinate in her mouth is not a feminist, no matter if the new party line is that they have a right to do whatever they want with their body, and I'm the oppressor for raising an eyebrow.

So, what do you all think?

wlotus posted this in the womenofstrength community, and it's perfect for here:

a place where women rule
a place where women rule
all-female village in kenya is a sign of burgeoning feminism across africa
by emily wax, washington post
july 9, 2005

umoja, kenya—seated cross-legged on tan sisal mats in the shade, rebecca lolosoli, matriarch of a village for women only, took the hand of a frightened 13-year-old girl. the child was expected to wed a man nearly three times her age, and lolosoli told her she didn't have to.

the man was lolosoli's brother, but that didn't matter. this is a patch of africa where women rule.

"you are a small girl. he is an old man," said lolosoli, who gives haven to young girls running from forced marriages. "women don't have to put up with this nonsense anymore."

ten years ago, a group of women established the village of umoja, which means unity in swahili, on an unwanted field of dry grasslands. the women said they had been raped and, as a result, abandoned by their husbands, who claimed they had shamed their community.

stung by the treatment, lolosoli, a charismatic and self-assured woman with a crown of puffy dark hair, decided no men would be allowed to live in their circular village of mud-and-dung huts.

Read the rest at